Thursday, August 19, 2010

The day from....

Today was the day from YOU KNOW WHERE!

The honeymoon period is over. I don't know the first thing about class management of 3rd graders. For one thing, if you get on to them they cry! But if you don't get on to them, they are out of control! They talk more than my 6th graders would ever dream of! Anyways, I came the closest to yelling as I have in my 3 years of teaching. We had to play a group building game instead of continuing with Math. I had to stop Reading Workshop early because they couldn't stay on task. By the end of the day, I was ready to pull out any remaining hair, cuss, and quit teaching forever.

Then I got home..

and this was waiting for me. In my facebook messages.

Mrs. Howard!!!! Hey! :D Jr. High was good. I miss you. No teacher here is as awesome as you. Thanks for getting us ready.

Now if any of you out there know this young man, you know he is too cool for school, pretty quiet, an amazing writer, girl crazy, and just a good kid. He is extremely loyal to his friends and most of the time is in a daze from his meds.

I wrote him back, telling him that I was glad he enjoyed Jr. High. That I knew he was ready, and to have a great year. It's because of things like that, I deal with these days...

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  1. By the time you've spent a year with these kids... they won't be like this. And every 4th grade teacher will want the kids moving up from your class.