Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out of the mouth

I was talking to my mom on the phone today. She used to be a third grade teacher, so we are in the same ball park these days. She asked how it was going, I told her a few of the things that come out of my mouth during the short 8 hour school day.

Yes, it is important to put your shoes on before you go to the bathroom.

Whose shorts are laying over here?

Did you wash your hands? No? Well then please just raise your hand, don't pat me.

No writing with highlighter is not allowed. Why? Because I can't read it. No, I'm not too old. No one can read highlighter. You can? Then please read what you just wrote for me. You forgot what it says already? Ok, then let's try pencil

Please don't kick in the hall. or the classroom. please just don't kick

Why are the scissors in your mouth?

Why do you have 4 gluesticks on your desk? You were making a bridge? Can you please finish your construction project later and do your math? You don't know what construction means? Well ask your mom when you get home. Yes your auntie will be able to tell you as well. No, I dont want to know where your mom is right now. Please finish your math.

Please don't karate chop your homework. Because its hard to read in two pieces. No, it doesn't help if you staple it back together. Please put the stapler down.

Please remember to raise your hand if you need to tell Mrs. Howard something. Yes? You don't need to tell me that you are going to drop a number two. You can just ask to use the restroom. Yes you may use it. Hurry back. Okay, well if it takes a while it's okay, please just return to class when you are finished.

Lordy, help me. How many days until May?


  1. Very different statements compared to 6th grade!

  2. Well at least you have lots of fun stories to tell now!! I enjoy your blog though, you are too funny!!!

  3. OH it's SO hard to stay on the subject. I loved reading these. Try to write them down as often as you can. :)

  4. You just made me laugh out loud...a lot. Thanks friend, I needed that :)