Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The KEY step

A conversation I had with my class, and Ms.C's class today.

Ladies. We all know that using the restroom is a part of each day. I would just like to remind you of a key step. It's actually the most important step. You must sit down on the toilet. Now I know this sounds like common sense, but if you forget this step, bad things happen. Bad things like poop on the floor. (insert kid laughter here)

Yes folks, poop on the floor, two days in a row. Glad I got to witness it. If I didn't have pups I would have been much more offended.


  1. Oh gosh! :P hahahaha, come on kids, sit down! Eeeeew! That definitely is an important step, haha.

  2. Yes, I myself have never gotten the hang of the whole "squatting a few inches above the toilet thing." Screw sanitation... it requires too much effort. Good job teaching them it's OK to sit down!!