Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Duggars and Chinese food

Warning! This post might be offensive. Then again, if you are reading my blog, you're used to my straight forward talk. So here it goes.

What do these two pictures have in common?? Well. One a picture of Asia and the other, a long skirt both describe each of the substitutes I worked with today!

Yes. It gets better. BOTH of the experienced HP 3rd grade teachers had to take off today, not of their own choice. So I was left the lone ranger. The lone expert of 2 weeks. Yep. It was a good idea. I walked into the first subs class before school and she had her VBS supplies to manage the class. Take a guess which picture that describes. She was not wearing any form of deoderant! She had grand plans, which I knew right off the bat wouldn't work.

The second sub was lost and couldn't find the school. Mostly due to a language barrier. I started her class out for her. When she did show up, she wrote how to say my name in her little dictionary. How-werd Yes. True story. I'll let you guess which picture describes this sub.

So I will leave you with the thought, we are working in a high poverty, low education area that has great kids, great kids with discipline and learning problems. Our kids are different from VBS and Asia. It was a LONG day.

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  1. Oh wow... But you, you with your incredible attitude and positive approach to everything, probably made them feel at home and appreciated.

    Me, I would have ran them off before lunch. ;)